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Johnny Lozano

Johnny Lozano photo Johnny Lozano
  • Black Belt

Johnny Lozano is the owner and Certified Gracie Instructor at Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Southlake.  Professor Lozano received his BJJ Black Belt in Dec 2019.

In 2021 Johnny Lozano decided to apply for the Gracie Instructor Certification Program.  In July 2021 he passed Phase 2 of the ICP (Instructor Certification Program,).  In Jan 2022 he was then invited to Torrance California for the Phase 3 Live Evaluations at Gracie University Headquarters with Ryron and Rener Gracie. After 3 days of testing, Johnny passed and became a Certified Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Instructor.

Johnny is also a 2-time Golden Gloves Champion who is a Certified USA BOXING Level 2 Coach with over 15 years of coaching experience. He's coached people of all walks of life from children ages 6-12, teenagers, senior citizens, women, teachers, nurses, police officers, ice hockey players, amateur boxers, to pro UFC Fighters.

Coach Lozano has coached 2 Golden Gloves Champions and 2 Golden Gloves Runner ups.  He's also helped UFC Fighters Will Campuzano, Edwin Figueroa, and Johnny Bedford get their boxing ready for their fights in the UFC and WEC.  Coach Lozano has also coached other fighters from other organizations such as Bellator, Legacy, and other pro and amateur promotions.


  • 2008 Dallas Golden Gloves Champion
  • Junior Olympic State Silver Medalist
  • West Texas Golden Gloves Champion
  • ABF Box Off Champion


  • Certified Gracie Jiu-Jitsu® Instructor
  • USA Boxing Certified Level 2 Coach
  • 2013 Fort Worth Golden Gloves TEAM CHAMPIONS
  • Coached several Golden Gloves Champions and Pro Boxers
  • Coached pro fighters in the UFC, Bellator, WEC, and Legacy Fighting Championship
  • Boxing Coach for UFC fighters Will Campuzano (2 fights), Edwin Figueroa (2 fights), and Johnny Bedford (1 fight)


Will Campuzano (Center) Johnny Lozano (R)

IMG_0763 (1)

Coach Johnny (L) Edwin Figueroa (Center), and Stit

Johnny Bedford and Coach Lozano

Johnny Bedford getting ready to rumble at UFC Fight Night in Brasilia, Brazil! Coach Lozano (right)

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